Eurekasim | Main Features

All In One (research, modelling, simulation) Multi-Physics Software Simulation Platform for Research Experiments and Scientific Simulation

Simulate Novel devices and Experiments by developing suitable Plugins or Scripts using the rich set of API provided by the EurekaSim SDK

Develop Plugins with your favorite programming language like C++ | C# | Python | VB Script | Java Script .

Organize and Run different POC Macro scripts catering to different Simulation Scenario and create quick turnaround solutions.

Easily develop B.Sc | BE | B.Tech | B.S | Research | Other Lab experiment simulation toolkits that can optionally interface with real hardware .

Develop new Simulation Plugin and Bundle with EurekaSim Simulation App as a New App .

Works from WindowsXP and Above.

Compatible with Single | Multi-Processor | GPU | Cloud Simulation Environments.

Organize your Experiments in Groups and Subgroups

Save different experiment parameter settings as snapshots to the same simulation file

Options to enter experiment notes to same experiment simulation file to ease Project Collaboration across multiple teams

Options to display different types of Real Time Graphs, Status , Results, Errors

Record Scientific Experiment Simulation as Video | Animations and explain the concepts clearly to Students and other Stakeholders.

Create a companion CD for your Text book with the new set of animations.

Looking for Custom Simulation Soulution ? . Tell us about your Requirements

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