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EurekaSim is a Cost Effective Software Simulation Platform to simulate Novel device and Simulation Experiments.  The Journey of EurekaSim Simulation Software started as a solution to simulate novel idea and its associated experiments (Patent Pending). Later interactions with experts from industry and academia soon nurtured the idea of evolving the Software into a universal simulation platform catering to diverse STEM research requirements. 

What Problem Does EurekaSim Solve?
One of the problems which every researcher face if he wants to research on a new unexplored area might be the lack of adequate tool by which he can do the experiment. In the initial stages of experiment, software simulation might always come handy as that approach might prove to be economical and fast. EurekaSim address exactly this issue as it can simulate any type of novel science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) experiment by developing suitable plugin or automation script for that experiment using users favorite programming language of choice including C++ | C#.NET | VB.NET | Python | VB Script | Javascript.

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